Why Help People?

Recently there was a question posted in a Facebook group I am in, and I thought it was worth capturing outside Facebook for posterity. I think it’s a good question.

I said:

I’ve used Quora in the past by answering questions on my topic. The internet is a big place, and there are people asking “how would I do X?”. It’s so easy to just start to provide answers to people. Not to sell them something directly. But to help them and build your authority as a smart person in that topic.

My tip is to be genuine. Just help people. Don’t try to sell. The more you help, the better you will do on Udemy. I swear!

And the question came back:

How does being known in Quora help you to sell courses? By students doing a google search for you or do you have a chance to have a link in your profile or something? I’m not familiar at all with Quora, sorry.

Which is a good question. How does helping answering questions on the Internet help you if you are not directly pitching your thing to them at that same moment.

It doesn’t have to be Quora. It can be any place where people ask questions and you can answer. Facebook, Twitter, Stack Overflow, Reddit, Yahoo Answers, basically any question and answer site.

Have a look at this:


The idea is that you put yourself as a true authority on the topic.

If someone was searching Google for TOGAF, they might stumble upon that answer. And they’d see my name with the green check mark. They might see my name a lot when it comes to that topic. And maybe in the future they see I have a course, and they think “oh that name sounds familiar!”

More directly, those platforms allow you to have a profile, and you can certainly talk about your career being an online instructor there. And Google indexes that too.

It’s about being an authority in a topic. You can anoint yourself an authority, but it’s much better if many other people see you as an authority too.

Hopefully, that’s clear.

There is benefit to being viewed as an authority on a topic. If you teach a course on the “ancient Japanese paper folding art of Origami”, then creating free YouTube videos talking about Origami, having an Origami blog, answering questions about Origami all over the web should be part of you being seen as THE Origami expert. That will lead to more course sales.


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