When to Give Up

Here’s a short list of businesses I have tried in my life, before I found course creation as a successful one:

  • I tried blogging every day for a year on coursemania.com
  • I tried selling novelty (Star Wars) USB sticks on eBay
  • I started a blog for affiliate marketing of products, and wrote dozens of posts too
  • I worked on upwork
  • I created a fiverr gig
  • I tried monetizing my YouTube channel
  • I tried creating a goal setting website where people can define their goals and steps needed to achieve them

It’s fun to wonder if I had stuck with any of the above for years, where I would be today.

CourseMania was a serious attempt to build an audience. I loved taking online courses (through sites like Coursera and Khan Academy) and so I thought I could share my adventures on my blog. Recommend courses and platforms, and be a good place for people to refer to when looking for a good course to take on a topic.

To that end, I decided to get serious about blogging. And I got really serious. I posted a new blog post every day, and at one point had 6 weeks worth of future blog posts scheduled in WordPress – about 30 posts ready and scheduled to go live.

At it’s peak, that site brought me $100 per month in Google Adwords income. I really tried hard to put out content regularly, but after about 10 months I did the math and realized the site would never grow to the level I needed it to be. I needed to 10X the income for it to be a good side project, and 100X the income for it to be a consideration for quitting my job and doing it full time. 100X income was just too big to imagine after 10 months of effort. And I could not imagine what more I could do to grow 100X anyways. I could not post 100 times per day or watch 100 times the number of courses I was watching.

That’s when I decided to make video courses and not to review them.

So where are you with your online business? Are you making $50 to $100 per month, and wondering how to grow it to something decent? Perhaps you should do an honest assessment like I did, and think “what are the chances of growing that to 10X results? And what are the chances to grow that to 100X the results?”

I’m not saying there’s a direct correlation between effort and results. But if you’re making $50 to $100 per month at something, you should ideally not be spending that much time to maintain that. If you find yourself making $1 per hour or even less, you might be better off ditching it and finding a new place to dig a well. There’s just not enough feedback from the market that what you are doing is in demand.


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