Udemy SEO Challenge – Day 3!

If you haven’t seen Day 1 and Day 2 of the SEO challenge, you should check that out here before diving into Day 3.

Udemy SEO Challenge – Day 1
Udemy SEO Challenge – Day 2

Day 3 Challenge

Today’s challenge is outlined in this video.

Preliminary Task) Once again, we check the results of the changes yesterday. Search for your keyword on Udemy. If you went up in search, great! If you didn’t, well, you tried. Revert back to your old title if that experiment didn’t work.

Day 3 Task) The subtitle is most frequently underused by instructors. The subtitle is a great place to really attract people to your course. Use all the characters here if you wish. Be sure to include your keyword once. But make a subtle promise to students here what they will learn after taking your course.

“Get the right brand and logo for your business so that customers are attracted to you instantly”

I’m not a great copywriter, but notice that I included keywords such as “brand” and “logo”, as well as telling students what they will get from taking your course. Resist the urge to list out your section titles here, or turn it into a list. “Javascript Expression, Operators, Assignments, Loops, Functions” is a terrible subtitle. In my view.

If a word is not in your title or subtitle, you will NOT be found in Udemy search.

So subtitle is a good place to hide variations of your keyword. Say your keyword is “sing”, you can include the word “song” or “singing” in the subtitle to catch those smaller keywords.

Change your subtitle to something that will make students feel like yours is the course for them, and we’ll see you tomorrow.

NEXT TASK: The Day 4 challenge awaits you here!

Keep me posted in the comments below, or inside my SEO for Udemy course, with your progress, thoughts, questions, and comments!

Best of luck to everyone!



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