Udemy SEO Challenge – Day 2!

If you haven’t seen the Day 1 post, check that out here before getting into this day’s task.

Day 2 Challenge

Today’s challenge is outlined in this video.

Day 2 challenge:

It’s time to make a change to one of the most important aspects of your course for SEO purposes: the course title.

Now many instructors feel that their title cannot be changed. It was the title they chose before they created their course, it’s on all their slides, they mention it inside the course, it’s  part of their brand, it is just too sacred to touch.

And it’s fine to hold that view I guess – it’s just potentially holding students back from finding your course. You’re helping less people learn the topic because you refuse to change the title.

All I ask is that you try a different title for 24 hours. Stand back, become temporarily detached from it, and think of a title that includes your keyword that’s simple and clear on what the course delivers.

Preliminary Task) This is where I’d ask you to check your search position for any changes, but most of you made no SEO changes to your course yesterday, so this isn’t necessary today. But we’ll check tomorrow for sure. If you did change your course yesterday, check the search position for any changes.

Day 2 Task) Go into your course dashboard, under the Basics menu, and change your title. Let it sit for 24 hours.

Tomorrow, we’ll check the changes and see if there was any impact. Don’t worry, it’s easy to undo if the impact was negative. Don’t be disheartened if the impact was negative, it’s a test and not all tests succeed.

NEXT TASK: The Day 3 challenge awaits you here!

Keep me posted in the comments below, or inside my SEO for Udemy course, with your progress, thoughts, questions, and comments!

Best of luck to everyone!



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