There are only two ways to succeed on Udemy

You won’t see this clearly laid out or written anywhere in the official Facebook groups, in the teach hub, or anywhere else but here. Yet it’s likely that you already know this. You may refuse to believe it, or you may wish that there was a third (shorter) way to the top. But as they say, “the elevator to success is broken, you must take the stairs”.

There are only two ways to succeed on Udemy.

The shortest way is to launch like a rocket. You publish your course (it may be your first course or may be your latest), and it clearly fills a need in the market. People have been desperately wanting to learn this, and you’ve discovered hidden gold. You launch a course, and right away you see success. Dozens of sales per day. Reviews pouring in.

There are only a couple of ways this can happen. One, there is a hidden need and when your course arrives, demand that existed suddenly has supply to meet it. This is when you’ve got a one of a kind course, on a topic that hasn’t been covered in this way. Or two, you have an existing fan base, an existing list, some channel you can market your course too. And so your course launches like a rocket – either organically or through your strong base of existing students or followers.

You can’t just sit back and rest now. All rockets burn through their fuel eventually. Competition arrives, or your fan base is tapped out. It might take months, but you do have to think about your next act. How to capitalize on this again. And again. Always thinking two steps ahead. This is what happened to me. I launched like a rocket and kept feeding it with more fuel.

Important to say, you can’t turn a bicycle into a rocket after the fact. If your course launched two months ago, and it’s not a rocket, you can’t make it a rocket. If you don’t have a list, and haven’t tapped into an untapped demand in the market, you’ll have to succeed the other way.

The other way to succeed takes more time and is more work. But there is nothing wrong with work. You cannot be afraid of work or looking to avoid it at all costs.

The other way to succeed is make progress every day. So you launch a course, and it only sells a few per day. It’s not like a rocket at all. You’re making 1-5 sales per day, and you’re wondering what happened. It’s at this point you can choose to quit or continue.

If you continue, look to improve the course. You improve the copy on the landing page, improve the promo video. Get a better course image. Add more videos to it. Re-record the bits that you don’t like. You start working on another course, looking to learn from this one and try to find where the demand is. You do more research. You talk to people who could be ideal students about their problems. You read your competitor’s reviews (particularly the bad ones). Find a way to be more unique that you missed last time.

Eventually you launch a second course. Rinse and repeat. Slow and steady wins the race. If you keep improving yourself, improving your courses, listening to students, and becoming better at teaching, you will eventually succeed. That’s not instant. That’s not overnight. But that’s what happens when you get a little bit better every day.

If you make 2 sales per day, that’s 60 per month. You’d want to see some growth and so let’s assume 100 in month 2. And 150 in month 3. You keep improving, making more courses, finding your groove. Hustling (the good kind, not the sleazy kind). You could get yourself to 1,000 sales per month in year 2. And a base of 3,000 to 6,000 students.

I’m not trying to sell you a pipe dream here. Not trying to sell you hope or trick you out of your money. But you only have those two choices. Whether you find some success or find a little, you have to keep doing the work every single day to build that into something great.


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