Stop Waiting for Someone to Pick You

Success is not a lottery. Most times, success is not the result of luck.

I see people who create things online, and are passively waiting for success to happen. They blog, they create YouTube videos, they create books and courses. Rinse and repeat. More blogs, more videos, more books, more courses. Round and round and round.

And they are patiently waiting for someone to pick them. Waiting for someone with influence to say “Hey everyone! Look at this cool thing”. Or waiting for a big corporation to notice their brilliance and choose to make them popular. Waiting to get lucky.

Sometimes it works like that, I guess. Sometimes a record company notices that singer who’s quietly making good songs on YouTube and offers them a record deal. Sometimes Oprah notices a little-known book and it becomes a million-seller overnight. Sometimes Apple notices that obscure health app and features it as new and noteworthy. And sometimes TechCrunch features startup companies that nobody has heard of and investors rush to invest. Sometimes.

But do you know what happens more often? The gifted singer emails a link to their song to 100 people with connections in the music business. They ask their friends to email anyone they know who works in the music business. They call radio stations and beg them to play their song. They travel to L.A. and will play for free in any bar or restaurant that will let them. They work their butt off to get noticed. And if they’re good, someone notices them.

The talented writer sends physical copies of their books to 100 editors and 100 agents – plus Oprah. The course seller contacts the owners of marketplaces and gets featured on the home page of that marketplace. Any information product seller contacts influencers in their market and gets featured in popular blogs and magazines.

Do you want a feature in Rolling Stone? What have you directly done to let any writer or editor at Rolling Stone know that you exist?

If you want to be noticed, you have to put your hand up. You have to stand apart from the crowd not hide among them. You have to hustle. You have to do uncomfortable things like emailing and calling and sending things in the mail to people you don’t know. I’m willing to bet that success is more likely to happen to someone who has something good plus spends time trying to get people to look at it, than people who have something good and tell no one, hoping to be discovered randomly.


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