The No Lose Idea

Have you ever had an idea that you felt was a “sure thing”? Something that strikes you that is so clear, that it seems like there is no way that it won’t be successful?

Today I had one of those ideas. I wish I could say that it happens every day, but it doesn’t. But today, of all days, it seems like a clear vision that there was a product that I could create, that would be easy to sell, and where the competition would be caught off guard.

Not saying that the competition won’t catch up, and they surely will. But now, today, there is a demand in the market for “this thing” and a chance to be the first to market with it.

I really want to drop what I’m doing and go for it. But I can’t. I have a successful business that provides products to a market that is in need of them. I can’t stop working on that to work on this.

So I think I will try another way to do it. I think I will try to enlist some help. Maybe I can do both.

Will keep you posted.


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