[NEW] Automate Your Digital Marketing and Get More Done

As Udemy instructors, one key way that we earn more money is to make more courses. That’s a direct way to make more money.

Another way to earn more money, over the long term, is to grow our influence by creating free videos on places like YouTube, or writing blog posts on our own website, where other people can find us and follow us. Over time, we become an authority on the topic and selling our courses becomes much easier.

But what about all the other stuff?

We need to promote our posts on social media! We need to email our lists with regular free content. We need to ensure people find our stuff instead of the competition, and that requires regular communication on ALL of the various channels.

That stuff is important too! But if you did that, you’d have no time to create courses or great free content! It’s a catch-22!

What if you can automate the boring parts?

What if you can create a YouTube video, and have that automatically distributed to your Facebook Page, your Twitter account, posted to Pinterest, and emailed to your list? What if you could automatically turn videos into written blog posts, and send messages to your VAs and assistants to notify them when there is something they need to do?

That’s where automation really kicks in.

Too many people think social media automation means spam. It does not mean repeatedly posting old posts, or tweeting your Udemy coupons 48 times per day. That’s the wrong kind of automation.

The automation we’re talking about is enabling you to spend more time on what matters (your life, or creating more content), and less time on what does not matter (ensuring your Twitter followers get regular updates from you).

Check out this new course from Phil Ebiner and I on digital marketing automation for small businesses like ours.


We created this course to show you how we both use automation in our businesses. Maybe you’re not ready to implement some of it, but I guarantee there are things in there that you didn’t know you could automate. And each lesson can save you hours per year, making the cost of the course pay itself back in the first week or two!

We look forward to seeing you inside the course, and let us know if you implement automation in your business to save you dozens of hours which you’d rather be doing something else!

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