Like Cyber Monday Sales? Want More?

  • ​“November has been awesome!!!”
  • “Craziest sale since I joined Udemy in 2012”
  • “November is marvelous”

You might find yourself saying those things, or seeing others raving, about what has happened over the last couple of days.

Black Friday (and now Cyber Monday) has always been an interesting time of year. Some of us have been saying this all year, while a few notable instructors have been saying that “it’s not possible that it can be something special”. As we can all currently see, Udemy can turn on the jets when it needs to.

The next big sale is January New Year’s sale. You may want to take some of the tips from my Udemy SEO course, apply them to your courses, and put yourself in a bit of a better position for January.

I’m going to steal Jason Dion’s quote in the Udemy Instructor Club at this point:

  • “Scott Duffy, thanks for the SEO course that I bought this weekend. I finished it this morning and spent the afternoon updating all my course descriptions, titles, etc. I think the course is a must watch for any Udemy instructor to stop and think about how they are displaying their courses to the world!”

Thank you Jason. I just saw you hit the $40,000 mark, and I’m super thrilled that you’re doing well. I have no doubt next year will be a double of this year for you.

I’ve seen a lot of nice feedback on the Udemy SEO course which I just re-recorded on Black Friday day. So to catch the freshest content (can’t get fresher than “recorded last Friday”), you should grab this now. And be prepared for January.


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