How to Double or Triple the Time Before Early Review on Udemy

The subject of early review has been a hot topic in the Facebook groups since Udemy introduced it in March of this year. The “no comment” 0.5 review has been a mosquito biting at the arm of innocent instructors since that time.

If you don’t like it, you can complain about it. Write a post in the Studio, and then comment whenever someone else writes a post about a bad review they received.

OR, you can find the secret some top selling instructors use to avoid these bad reviews.

So the secret, I guess, is to impress the student enough in the first 10 minutes that they can’t help to leave a 5-star review.

Easy right? 🙂 Not always.

Say you’re convinced that you cannot possibly impress the student enough within the first 10 minutes, and would love to delay the early review to the 20 minute mark or the 30 minute mark. How can you do that?

Udemy waits until 10 minutes of lectures have been watched to ask for the first review. If you have a typical course, it will go like this:

Lesson 1: 2m:30s
Lesson 2: 3m:20s
Lesson 3: 5m:10s
Request for review
Lesson 4…. etc

But what if you purposely planned your lessons like so?

Lesson 1: 2m:30s
Lesson 2: 6m:30s
Lesson 3: 9m:30s
Request for review
Lesson 4…..

So with that change, the request for review comes after 18 minutes and 30 seconds. How about this?

Lesson 1: 2m:30s
Lesson 2: 6m:30s
Lesson 3: 19m:30s
Request for review
Lesson 4…..

Now the request for review comes after 28 minutes and 30 seconds. You could delay the request from 10 minutes up to almost 30 minutes just by having a long lecture just before the 10 minute mark.

If you wish, you can cram a lot more teaching into the first couple of lessons and delay the review point. One more way to impress the student before they are asked for their opinion on your course.

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