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Are You Working on Things That Help Your Business?

When you work for yourself, and there’s no one to tell you specifically what to do next, it’s easy to get distracted into things that are interesting but perhaps not contributing to our success.

One example of this is the lure of writing an ebook. You hear about everyone who’s written an ebook, and so you feel you have to as well. You put weeks into creating this book, formatting it, getting it published on the Kindle platform. And then what? You make $40 in the first month. And $20 in the second. Was it worth it putting in those dozens or hundreds of hours into writing that book? Was there something else you could have done in that time to advance your business?

In this video, I talk about how selective you have to be when taking on new work into your business.

Udemy Instructors: One Big Course or Several Small Courses?

The strategy of creating several small inter-related courses has been around for a while. The low prices that Udemy charges for courses encourages instructors to break up excellent large content into smaller pieces hoping to extract more revenue from the students. I am not a big fan of doing things solely for the goal of “more revenue”. Ideally what you want is to do things that are in the best interests of students. Provide more and more value, and that value comes back to you as revenue. But I can see the argument for several small target courses. I do this myself, although the purpose is NOT to make more money for myself.

In this video, I discuss the pros and cons of each approach.

Tips for Marketing Your Udemy Course

If you’re just starting out on Udemy, you might not know where to begin when it comes to marketing your course. I created a video on Youtube that outlines some basic ideas when you’re just starting out.

  1. Always (always) use a coupon when marketing your course. If you just send a link to your course without a coupon code, you are leaving money on the table. Udemy treats non-coupon sales as Organic sales, and you only get 50% of the revenue. If you drive the student, you can get up to 97%.
  2. Udemy is a discount marketplace. 95% of sales on Udemy are at a discount. So price your course higher than you expect to get. But don’t price your course for $300 (the maximum) because you want to get full price sales sometimes. But aim higher than you expect, without being unreasonable.
  3. Fish where the fish are. Don’t spend all your time fishing where there are no fish! So figure out where you students are most likely to hang out, and hang out there. Be helpful. Don’t sell, or be pitchy, or be spammy. Go be with your students, answering their questions for free, and allow people to learn that you actually teach a course on it.
  4. What terms are people using to search for your topic? You have to use words in your course title and subtitle that directly speak to their needs. It’s tempting to call your course “eJoe’s Ultimate Guide to Dominating Online Commerce”, but do people search those words in Google or Udemy? When someone is looking to increase sales of their product, they are more likely searching “how to increase sales” than “dominating online commerce”. Use words in your course title and description that speak to the way the customer talks. Make them feel like your product is the exact solution to their problem.
  5. Consider marketing on Youtube. I uploadedĀ this video on Youtube, and have dozens of similar videos. I give away a lot of information for free (like this post), and then that leads them to your online course or other products. Youtube is a natural place to feature video course promos. Upload your promo video. Upload your free preview videos, and link all that back to your Udemy course using a coupon code.
  6. And check out my Udemy SEO course for more.udemy-seo-tile