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Sally Hogshead and Fascination

I’ve always been fascinated with Sally Hogshead.

She hit the marketing world hard with her 2010 book, Fascinate. Inside is one of my favorite quotes, that I repeat often.

Different is better than better.

The core of Sally’s message is that humans are born with an innate ability to be fascinating.  Some of us have developed good sense of humor in order to make others laugh, while others know how to sweet talk their way into a party without an invitation. Being fascinating is not something you learn, according to Sally, but you need to unlearn being boring.

Fascination is a state of intense emotional focus.

According to Sally, there are seven fascination triggers that we can tap into:

  • Lust
  • Mystique
  • Alarm
  • Prestige
  • Power
  • Vice
  • Trust

So what does this have to do with online courses?

We’re all trying to attract students to our courses. We’re all trying to stand above the other courses and get people to buy. We’re all trying to get people to WATCH our courses after buying them, implement what we teach, and leave us a great review. (And buy our next course!) So we all want students and potential to be fascinated by us.

I’ve always said that your unique advantage over other instructors teaching the same subject is YOU. The other instructor is not you, and you are not them. Don’t try to be them. Be you.

In fact, shed those boring parts and be more like who you really are. If you like to tell a joke, try to be fun and funny inside your course (without being annoying with it). If you suck at reading from a script, be yourself and talk freely (as long as it’s on point to the topic). There is always the chance of going too far with it, but the bigger risk is not going far enough. Be yourself, and people will like you for you. You have the ability to fascinate.

It’s a good book. Recommend picking it up if you get a chance.

Here are some interesting videos of Sally Hogshead talking about fascination.



Udemy Sample Promotional Announcement

Have you ever considered getting deeper into Enterprise Architecture and actually becoming TOGAF 9.1 Certified?

If so, I’ve just finished adding a lot more content to my TOGAF 9.1 Part 1 course.

30 sample questions added. I just yesterday added, in the conclusion section (section 7), 3 new quizzes that contain 10 questions each. Go ahead and test your knowledge of the TOGAF spec. Hopefully you will find the questions challenging enough, and will help you discover areas that you need more study on.

80 lectures detailing all the steps of the ADM. Over June, July and August, I’ve completed hours of new videos going into each of the steps of the ADM in more detail. This is not yet part of the core course, but I’ve added it as a bonus to those who really want to get deeper into the steps and phases.

All class slides available for download. Added a single 400 page PDF to the class that you can download and use offline to study for the test.
General cleanup and redo. Over the summer I’ve re-done some of the core lessons and added some introductions when it makes sense.

And we just passed 3400 students in that class! So thrilled!

<course image here>

Right now I am having my special end of Summer promotion called <coupon code> that can get you this course for only $15. There is only a couple of days left before I turn off the codes for that.

Hope to see you inside the course!


<url to course>


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