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Have you ever considered getting deeper into Enterprise Architecture and actually becoming TOGAF 9.1 Certified?

If so, I’ve just finished adding a lot more content to my TOGAF 9.1 Part 1 course.

30 sample questions added. I just yesterday added, in the conclusion section (section 7), 3 new quizzes that contain 10 questions each. Go ahead and test your knowledge of the TOGAF spec. Hopefully you will find the questions challenging enough, and will help you discover areas that you need more study on.

80 lectures detailing all the steps of the ADM. Over June, July and August, I’ve completed hours of new videos going into each of the steps of the ADM in more detail. This is not yet part of the core course, but I’ve added it as a bonus to those who really want to get deeper into the steps and phases.

All class slides available for download. Added a single 400 page PDF to the class that you can download and use offline to study for the test.
General cleanup and redo. Over the summer I’ve re-done some of the core lessons and added some introductions when it makes sense.

And we just passed 3400 students in that class! So thrilled!

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Right now I am having my special end of Summer promotion called <coupon code> that can get you this course for only $15. There is only a couple of days left before I turn off the codes for that.

Hope to see you inside the course!


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DMCA for Udemy: Basic Techniques for Fighting Piracy, with Dennis J Smith

My friend Dennis Smith had me on his show “Late Night with You, Me, and Udemy” recently to talk about how Udemy instructors can get their courses taken down off pirate websites. The conversation also went into other topics relating to Udemy and online selling. I always love being on blabs with Dennis and others, and I think I should do more of them. Perhaps I should start my own show?

Perhaps not. But this is why I do video courses – to share what I know with a wide variety of people around the world. I do many of it for free on Youtube, and sell some too.

Check out this interesting chat.

Feel free to like it on Youtube, share the video on your social media, or leave a comment below and ask questions. Love to chat and interact with you!

Tips for Marketing Your Udemy Course

If you’re just starting out on Udemy, you might not know where to begin when it comes to marketing your course. I created a video on Youtube that outlines some basic ideas when you’re just starting out.

  1. Always (always) use a coupon when marketing your course. If you just send a link to your course without a coupon code, you are leaving money on the table. Udemy treats non-coupon sales as Organic sales, and you only get 50% of the revenue. If you drive the student, you can get up to 97%.
  2. Udemy is a discount marketplace. 95% of sales on Udemy are at a discount. So price your course higher than you expect to get. But don’t price your course for $300 (the maximum) because you want to get full price sales sometimes. But aim higher than you expect, without being unreasonable.
  3. Fish where the fish are. Don’t spend all your time fishing where there are no fish! So figure out where you students are most likely to hang out, and hang out there. Be helpful. Don’t sell, or be pitchy, or be spammy. Go be with your students, answering their questions for free, and allow people to learn that you actually teach a course on it.
  4. What terms are people using to search for your topic? You have to use words in your course title and subtitle that directly speak to their needs. It’s tempting to call your course “eJoe’s Ultimate Guide to Dominating Online Commerce”, but do people search those words in Google or Udemy? When someone is looking to increase sales of their product, they are more likely searching “how to increase sales” than “dominating online commerce”. Use words in your course title and description that speak to the way the customer talks. Make them feel like your product is the exact solution to their problem.
  5. Consider marketing on Youtube. I uploaded this video on Youtube, and have dozens of similar videos. I give away a lot of information for free (like this post), and then that leads them to your online course or other products. Youtube is a natural place to feature video course promos. Upload your promo video. Upload your free preview videos, and link all that back to your Udemy course using a coupon code.
  6. And check out my Udemy SEO course for more.udemy-seo-tile



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