You Should Add These To Your Udemy Bonus Lecture

Tonight, I opened 30 courses in my Udemy account at random:

  • Had no bonus lecture: 23 out of 30
  • Had a bonus lecture, but only free materials: 4 out of 7
  • Had a bonus lecture, but had no links to social media accounts: 4 out of 7
  • Had a bonus lecture, some or all invalid coupon codes: 3 out of 7
  • Had a bonus lecture, video only: 2 out of 7

Here are five tips to increase your income and reach through the Udemy bonus lecture.

TIP 1: Have a bonus lecture

66% of instructors end the course suddenly or end with goodbye. Only 1/3 of instructors even use a bonus lecture. There’s no excuse not to have one.

Create an article lecture type, and just type a few words in there inviting students to come join your tribe. Include a link to your website at least.


TIP 2: Include Social Media links

At this stage, we all have YouTube channels, Twitter handles, Instagrams, Facebook pages and groups, Snapchat, or some platform where people can “follow” us. Yes, you can include those in your instructor profile in the correct spot, and can include them in other places of your course, but if you have any type of business social presence outside of Udemy, include it.


TIP 3: Join my mailing list

Getting a mailing list is becoming the main way online entrepreneurs can retain some long term value in their business across all the channels. Why not ask your students outright to join your list? No lead magnet, no incentive. “Hey, thanks for taking my course. If you’d like to hear from me, about future course launches or free resources, click here and join my list.” Just ask.


TIP 4: Test your coupons

Even people who DO include coupons to other Udemy courses rarely return to check them. There was only 3 Udemy instructors out of 30 that had Udemy course coupons to offer in their bonus lectures, and TWO out of THREE had invalid (expired) coupons. What a waste. I clicked your link to check out your course, and I am presented with a full price offer.


Tip 5: Use the link resource type

A friend of mine uses a pretty slick video as his bonus lecture. He talks about all the ways to reach him – his web site, his Facebook group, how to get discounts to his Udemy courses. But it’s a video. Nothing is clickable.

People are lazy. Did you know that there is a LINK resource type? So add a link to your website as a resource to the bonus lecture. Then people can just click to go to see your bonus offers.




Thanks for reading this. Go check out the bonus lectures of all of your courses (create them if needed) and get students to learn about what else you have going on!


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