Udemy SEO Challenge

Update: The challenge is now over. But feel free to start from Day 1 on your own schedule.

“Optimize Your Course for Udemy SEO” Challenge (Unofficial)!

Throughout the week (Monday April 18 to Friday April 22), I will challenge you to a series of small, tiny tasks to improve your course in Udemy SEO / search results. Each day, I will ask you to experiment with something on your course landing page, and you’ll come back to check on your course the next day to see the effect and make another change. I would hope that it will not take you more than 5 minutes to complete each day’s challenge. You’ll check the results of the previous day’s task, and make another small change to your course landing page and save.

The goal is to get your course from its current position in search for your desired keyword to a higher position. If by Friday, it’s higher, that’s success.

Because I am unable to send out daily course announcements (there are more challenge days than in course announcements), and the course Q&A tab is no longer set up for student communication like this, the challenge will be posted on my website at http://videocourses.ca/SEOChallenge

The challenge is free to join, and I don’t request any personal info from you. Come back to this URL each day for the new days’ challenge! I will remind you in course announcements twice more during the week next week.

Your Udemy SEO is too important not to spend a few minutes every day trying to improve your course.



Update: Since the challenge is over, the prizes have already been awarded. But don’t let that stop you.

No monetary prizes, but I will randomly pick up to 10 winners from all who are students of my Udemy SEO course and complete this challenge, to promote your course with a non-affiliate coupon code on my personal Twitter and CourseMania.com website. The winners will also be announced after the end of the challenge. I obviously can’t promise any sales, but if you want your link somewhere thousands of people will see it, I can offer you some free exposure.


FIRST 3 TASKS (BEFORE Monday April 18)

1) What’s your main keyword?   __________________________

Hopefully after going through this course, you understand the importance of being very targeted with your keyword. When you’re just starting out, you need to be aware of one key word that people will use to search. Ideally, you want to use a word that LOTS of people are using to search. So don’t pick a word like “spontaneous”. Put yourself in your student’s shoes – what words would they enter into the search box to potentially find what they are looking for? Choosing the right keyword is one of the keys to good Udemy SEO.

2) When you enter that one word into Udemy.com, on what page of results do you appear?   __________________________

If you have to go to page 4 of search results to see your course, the answer is “4”.

3) What would you estimate your overall search position to be for that word?    __________________________

There are 12 results per page, so if you are in position 4 on page 4, you are in (3 X 12) + 4 = 36 + 4 = 40th position.

Write the answers to these three questions down. We will want to come back to this at the end of the week to see the progress for your course.


Today’s challenge is outlined in this video.

Day 1 of the SEO for Udemy course challenge.

Preliminary tasks:

1) Make sure you come back to this page every day until Friday to get the next day’s challenge. I am unable to send course announcements every day to remind you.

2) If you didn’t do the First 3 Tasks above, do it. Do a search for your course using your keyword, and record the search position that you’re at today. We will be measuring the success of this weeks tasks against beating that search position.

3) Finally, “do a backup” of your course landing page. Make a copy of your course landing page (screenshots or copy/paste) so that you can get back to the current settings if things go wrong. Make sure to expand the description to the full length.

Day 1 challenge:

Do you think you know what your main keyword is? Let’s verify that.

Day 1 Task 1) Take the word you answered in Question 1 of “First 3 Tasks” above, and do a search in Google Trends.


How does your keyword do in that tool? Try some other keywords related to yours. Do they trend higher or lower? Play around with this tool and see if your assumption for keyword is correct.

How hot does the Google Trends tool rate your keyword (1-100)?   __________________________


Day 1 Task 2) Take your main keyword into Google Keyword Planner tool. This is inside the Google Adwords, so if you have never created an Adwords account, you’re going to have to do that.


Warning: Adwords forces you to create an ad when you create a new account. Don’t be worried about this, you don’t have to go live with this ad. Just create it and leave it unpublished. It will cost you nothing if you do this. Go under tools and see the keyword planner tool.

Validate your assumption for the keyword by finding out the number of monthly active searches for :

  • [your keyword] + course
  • [your keyword] + courses
  • [your keyword] + training

Choose exact match search. Find out how many times people are searching for that. Is it small? Less than 1000 per month? That might not be enough.

Play with Google’s keyword tool to find if your word is best or if there’s a better word.

How many searches per month does [your keyword] + course get?   __________________________


Day 1 Results:

I expect most of you will be satisfied with the keyword you originally chose. If so, great. You should have more confidence than before that this was a good keyword and some actual numbers and research to back up that assumption. But perhaps some of you are starting to rethink your keyword and are leaning towards another more popular one. That’s ok too! It’s easy to change with Udemy courses. Even if you have to change your keyword, you should have more confidence that more people will be searching for that word and have a chance of finding your course. More data (as long as it’s clear and consistent) equals more confidence.

Do not go and make changes to your course landing page just yet with this new keyword. In tomorrow’s challenge, we’ll make a change to the course landing page and you can use that new keyword then.

NEXT TASK: The Day 2 challenge awaits you here!

Keep me posted in the comments below, or inside my SEO for Udemy course, with your progress, thoughts, questions, and comments!

Best of luck to everyone!



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